About 99 Sweet Sensations

Welcome to 99 Sweet Sensations, professional handcarts for your special occasion.

Our handcarts are unique, designed by us, and built by local craftsmen. It is a working replica of a traditional handcart.

This makes it slightly bigger than most ice cream/sweet/candy carts allowing plenty of space for ice cream, sweets, chocolates, popcorn, cheeses, nuts ‘n’ nibbles. It also allows plenty of space for those personal finishing touches or original centre pieces. The height of the cart means toddlers need help to reach, a positive advantage at celebrations and weddings as they cannot “help themselves” to whatever is on the cart.

Our smaller cart, which is identical to our full sized cart, is great for children and teenagers to hire alongside the full size cart to give your guests a choice of tasty treats.

Our handcart is perfect for displaying or serving most snacks, treats, gift card boxes, and guestbooks.

At 99 Sweet Sensations, we pride ourselves on ensuring your cart is perfect for your celebration. Our range of decorations and little extras ensures no two carts are the same. We take time to decorate your cart to compliment your colour scheme or theme and we will meet with you to discuss your celebration as the personal touch is important to us.

If you are looking for something a litle different, look no further than 99 Sweet Sensations, our handcart is truly unique.